Pro Golfer to Realtor! How did that happen ?

Wednesday Nov 15th, 2017


One of the questions I am most often asked is why did you leave the world of professional golf to become a Realtor. I was quitting competitive golf and realized there was no way I could survive in the cubical world. I had worked as a web page designer in the winters of ’97and 98 and went stir crazy! . I thought back to the guys I played golf with growing up and it dawned on me they were all real estate agents.


Now back then they had pagers and cellphones the size of a shoe but these guys played golf all summer. I thought that’s it! I’m going to be a Real Estate Agent. So I cracked open the wallet, got out the credit card and started taking the required courses to become a Realtor. I finished my real estate classes in the fall of 2007, got my license and have been loving it ever since. People ask me how I enjoy being in sales, and I reply that I’m not in sales.


People don’t want me to sell them something, they want me to help them make informed decisions based on a constantly changing marketplace and help them either get the most money for the home they are selling or help them make the biggest purchase of their lives and know they have made the right choice. So in a very round about way that’s how I became a Realtor.

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